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Swansea University - Biocontrol of Invertebrate Pests Using Natural Agents: Investigating Host-Pathogen Interactions with the BioTek Synergy H1
Featuring: Synergy H1
Swansea UniversityBiocontrol agents provide a safer alternative to chemical pesticides and insecticides for the agricultural and forestry industries, as well as human health. In this video, Dr Bethany Greenfield, Post-Doctoral Research Assistant in the Biocontrol and Natural Products (BANP) Group at Swansea University, describes her research into the use of Metarhizium anisopliae for the control of mosquitoes. Hear how the BioTek Synergy H1 enables the group to efficiently perform a range of analyses, from protein quantification to measuring insect stress response.
3D Cell Culture: A Review of Current Techniques
Featuring: Cytation 5, Cytation 3, Synergy Neo2
Over the last decade, a central focus of drug discovery efforts has been the incorporation of in vitro testing models that better mimic in vivo conditions found within the target patient. An initial step saw a move away from biochemical assays using purified drug target, in favor of a cell-based approach which utilized over-expression of drug target in common host cell lines, such as CHO and HEK-293. The quest for greater physiological relevance proceeded to the use of primary cells, preferably human if supply was adequate, and the reliance on endogenous expression of drug target should detection technology be sensitive enough.
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Z-Stacking and Z-Projection using a Scaffold-based 3D Cell Culture
Featuring: Cytation 5, Cytation 3
Z-projection is a digital image processing method, which combines multiple images taken at different focal distances (z-stacking) to provide a composite image with a greater depth of field (i.e. the thickness of the plane of focus) than any of the individual source images. It is particularly useful for capturing in-focus images of objects under high magnification as depth of field (DOF) decreases with magnification primarily because microscope objectives with higher magnification have typically higher numerical apertures (NA). According to the Shillaber equation, DOF relates to NA for a given wavelength of light and medium refractive index (n).
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New! BioSpa 8 Automated Incubator
BioSpa8Many laboratories can benefit from increased automation of assay workflows ranging from important live cell assays to basic ELISA. Typically, long term assay plates are manually moved between the incubator, washer, dispenser and detection instruments for lower throughput requirements. Until now, low to medium throughput workflows could be automated only through costly custom integrations. BioTek has solved the problem of bench top assay automation with the new BioSpa 8 Automated Incubator! With a capacity of up to 8 microplates (or cell culture dishes or flasks), BioSpa 8 offers temperature and CO2/02 control and monitoring, plus humidity monitoring to provide the ideal environment for live cell and other assays. Customizable notifications by text or email add to the confidence that the assay is running smoothly and successfully. Integrated with a BioTek washer, dispenser, imager or reader, the system's small footprint fits easily on a bench top or in a biosafety cabinet. BioSpa 8 is an affordable, flexible alternative for unattended automation of live cell and other assay workflows.
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Gen5 2.09 Released!
Recently Gen5 version 2.09 was released, and along with support for the new Synergy Neo2 Hybrid were several other enhancements:
New and improved general features:
  • A single read step can appended to a kinetic measurementGen5
  • Multi-mode kinetics can be appended
  • Kinetic area scan and spectral scans are available through discontinuous kinetics
  • Concentrations and dilutions in the plate layout can be defined through a ratio
  • The X and Y axes settings for 4- and 5-parameter curve fits can be selected directly in the curve data analysis step
  • Sample IDs are automatically used in curve fit legends
  • Well zoom curves (kinetic and spectra) can show duplicates with error bars
  • Take3 sample replicates can be assigned down or across
  • Plate data re-mapping to 180° rotation, useful for use in automation environments where plates may be presented in non-standard orientation
  • Data for Absorbance Test Plates (optional) can now be imported via XML file from BioTek's Customer Resource Center for CRC-registered users
  • The PMT gain value is directly available in the Procedure (after autogain) for all plates
  • For some multi-mode readers (FLx800, Synergy HTX, Synergy 2) a "turn lamp off" at the end of a procedure is available
New and improved imaging features:
  • Laser autofocus option supported
  • User-trained autofocus supported for fluorescence channels, along with brightfield mode
  • Maximum montage size increased to 600 images total
Gen5 2.07 users who wish to take advantage of the enhancements listed above can download Gen5 2.09 from BioTek's Customer Resource Center (CRC). You must be registered and have Gen5 software in your CRC product inventory to acces the upgrade.
Contact Customer Care with any questions.
   Do you have a complicated Plate Layout in Gen5?
Gen5 allows you to export and import plate layouts so that you can keep re-using them in different protocols. Just click on the Export and Import buttons on the Plate Layout window to generate a .xml file.
  It's easy to right-click on the Epoch2T touchscreen!
Simply leave your finger on the screen for about two seconds, then a square box will appear. Once you see this, lift your finger and you will see your right-click menu options.
   Cytation 3 and Cytation 5 Tip
For measuring Confluence on Brightfield images with uneven illumination, run a Digital Phase Contrast Processing step first, which will flatten the background, then use Image Statistics with a threshold to measure Confluence.
BioSpa 8 Automated Incubator
BioSpa 8 Video
We understand that running long-term cell-based assays requires careful planning and long hours. We also understand the frustration and expense of assay failures. See how BioSpa 8 automates incubated assay workflows and gives you the cell-confidence to walk away.
Synergy Neo2 Multi-Mode Reader
BioTek's Synergy Neo2 is the most advanced high-performance, high-speed plate reader on the market today.

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