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Stanford Cardiovascular Institute: Investigating Novel Therapeutics for Cardiovascular Disease Using the BioTek Cytation 5 Cell Imaging Multi-Mode Reader
Featuring: Cytation 5
StanfordThe Wu lab, which is comprised of molecular biologists, cell biologists, biochemists and non-invasive imaging specialists, focuses on the translation of novel cell and gene therapies for the treatment of cardiovascular disease. Research in the lab currently investigates the biology of stem cells in order to better understand differentiation, immunogenicity and tumorigenicity, and identify novel therapeutic targets.

In order to address these important topics, the lab applies various imaging, genomics and high throughput screening techniques both in vitro and in vivo. The BioTek Cytation 5 Cell Imaging Multi-Mode Reader, a recent addition to the lab, is aiding this research.
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Fox Chase Cancer Center: 2014 Cytation 3 Contest Winner
Featuring: Cytation 3
Fox Chase Cancer Center LogoIt's been a year since Dr. Jeffrey Peterson submitted the winning entry to BioTek's "Think Possible" contest, earning his laboratory at Fox Chase Cancer Center a new Cytation 3 Cell Imaging Multi-Mode Reader. Here is an excerpt from Peterson's entry:

"... I study breast cancer. We use high throughput screening of drug-like small molecules to identify weaknesses in cancers' armor. But we must chose; should we target cell proliferation in a cell-based assay? Should we target a specific enzyme we think is important? Which enzyme? What instrumentation will we need for the particular assay? But what if there were no limits to the assays we could do? In fact, what if we could combine assays using different technologies to analyze the same screening well?..."

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Optimization of a Multi-Mode Detection Model for Measuring Real-time Cellular Respiration and Mitochondrial Function using Fluorophoric Biosensors
Featuring: Cytation 3, Cytation 5, Gen5, Synergy H1, Synergy Neo
Characterization of cellular metabolism is being aided by the development of new tools designed to provide ease-of-use, higher throughput, and multiplexed data markers for analysis. One of these tools is a simple mix and measure assay compatible with a variety of cellular matrices that utilizes fluorophoric probes to measure oxygen consumption rates (OCR), extracellular acidification (ECA), and intracellular oxygen levels useful to inform on the activity of the electron transport chain (ETC) and glycolytic flux.
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Imaging and Analysis of a High Density Cell Migration Assay
Featuring: Cytation 5, Gen5, MultiFlo FX
Complex biological or environmental signaling events can lead to cell migration, the movement of cells from one location to another. The migration of cells commonly occurs during both normal biological processes such as the development of an organism or marking pathological events such as cancer metastasis. Automated processes in higher density formats improve throughput greatly increasing the usefulness of performing migration assays at a larger scale. This study evaluated the use of a high density cell exclusion assay in 384- well format for investigation of cell migration using a cell line stably expressing green fluorescent protein (GFP).
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New! Direct Drain Waste System for 405 and EL406!

We’ve recently launched a new Direct Drain Waste System for the 405 Microplate Washers and EL406 Washer Dispenser. This convenient system allows waste from wash processes to be pumped directly to a sink or other drain automatically, ideal for laboratories with high throughput plate washing requirements. The Direct Drain system is compatible with all new 405, ELx405 and EL406 instruments, and there is also a Direct Drain Kit available for existing systems!

Please contact Customer Care for part numbers and pricing.

Epoch 2 Microplate Spectrophotometer: User Experiences

Epoch 2Epoch 2 was launched in Summer 2014, and has been very well received by customers looking for an affordable, easy-to-use microplate absorbance reader that offers the convenience of monochromator optics for UV-Vis applications. Here's what a few of our customers have to say about their experiences with Epoch 2. Learn more about how Epoch 2 can aid your research here.


 Tired from emptying heavy washer waste bottles?

BioTek's new direct drain waste system can be retrofitted for any ELx405, 405 TS/LS and EL406 washer. Please contact Customer Care for part numbers and pricing.

 How to improve uniformity of cell growth for imaging assays?

To improve uniformity of cell growth for imaging assays on the Cytation Imaging Plate Reader, try this: Once plated, let the lidded microplates sit at room temperature for 15-20 minutes before placing them in the incubator.

 Did you know there is more than one way to mask curve data in Gen5 Software?

One way is to mask the value within the matrix and the second way is to mask the value by clicking on a point on the curve itself. Either way, you must click the green Accept button to save your changes and show the new curve.


Watch the VideoA highlight of BioTek's exhibition at the AACR Conference in Philadelphia was the Exhibitor Spotlight Talk on Tuesday, April 21st, entitled Phenotypic and MoA Analysis of Anti-Metastatic Molecules using 3D Spheroid-Based Tumor Invasion Assays, Kinetic Microplate Detection, and Cellular Microscopy. Given in conjunction with co-sponsors Corning Life Sciences, Cisbio, and Enzium, this presentation highlighted the ability of the Cytation imagers and Gen5 Data Analysis Software to be used to track and accurately quantify phenotypic 3D tumor invasion using a spheroid-based cellular model. Also presented were two mechanism of action evaluations to assess the role that matrix metalloproteinases and ligand/drug-receptor residence time played in downstream tumor invasion.

We invite you to view the video recording of the presentation here to learn more about this topic.

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