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Department of Environmental Science and Health at the National University of Science and Technology (NUST)
MultiFlo FX Wins Over Environmental Lab

NUSTIn the Department of Environmental Science and Health at the National University of Science and Technology (NUST) in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, Mr. Charles Teta specializes in ecotoxicology. His research includes uncovering the frequency and effects of endocrine disrupting chemicals in native fish, and analyzing hazardous chemicals such as heavy metals and pesticides in the environment that may have originated from municipal landfills, mines and urban effluents. With several kinetic and end-point assay techniques already employed, the manual processes were time consuming, and human error was an ever-present risk when dispensing into a microplate with a single-channel or multi-channel pipette. If reagents were added too slowly, or mixed incompletely, the assays had to be repeated, thereby doubling efforts, sample volume and costly materials.


Analysis of the Effect of Aggregated β-Amyloid on Cellular Signaling Pathways 

Extracellular-Signal Regulated Kinase (ERK) signaling is linked to memory and regulated by environmental stimuli, whereas progressive cognitive impairment is a classic characteristic in Alzheimer’s disease. The deficits are believed to be the result of progressive synaptic dysfunction initiated by aggregated β–amyloid peptide 1-42 (Aβ). 


Top 10 Tips for Cellular Microscopy

Sample preparation is critical to ensure high quality images. Cells should be at an adequate density when harvested from the tissue culture flask, and removed with an appropriate dissociation solution to retain essential cellular function. Use aseptic technique to prevent contamination during the experiment and avoid unnecessary introduction of foreign particles or cellular debris that can negatively impact image quality.


Lionheart FX Automated Live Cell Imager

Lionheart FXBioTek's new Lionheart™ FX Automated Live Cell Imager with Augmented Microscopy™ is an inclusive microscopy system, optimized for live cell imaging with up to 100x air and oil immersion magnification. Brightfield, color brightfield, phase contrast and fluorescence channels offer maximum support for a wide range of imaging applications, and a unique environmental control cover provides incubation to 40 °C and effective containment for CO2/O2 control. An available humidity chamber further optimizes the system for long term live cell imaging workflows. The new Gen5™ 3.0 software provides automated image capture and analysis, plus annotation and movie maker functions. Gen5 3.0 offers ease and simplicity across a broad range of live and fixed cell applications. Augmented Microscopy is the combination of all of these features in one compact system. With Lionheart FX, you can capture, analyze, annotate and produce videos with ease.


 New OD Easy App for Epoch and Epoch 2 Plate Readers
To easily collect raw data for downstream analysis or to perform quick end - point measurements, use the new OD Easy app for Epoch and Epoch 2 Microplate Spectrophotometers! This simple new app gets gets you from "sample" to "data" in less than one minute, no learning curve required. Go to BioTek’s Epoch 2 product page on for more detail.
 Kinetic Curve Replicates in Gen5 2.09
Starting with Gen5 2.09, you can now easily look at statistics on your kinetic curves. If replicates have been defined in Gen5’s plate layout, you can look at your kinetic curves  for each sample, and see mean values and error bars displayed on the graph.


Lionheart FX
Automated Live Cell Imager

Traditionally, cellular processes have been visualized by fixation and staining of cells. However, live cell assays offer kinetic visualization and multi-parametric information concerning many biological processes. Lionheart FX Is an affordable, easy-to-use solution that also brings remarkable clarity to live cell microscopy.

BioSpa 8
Automated Incubator

We understand that running long-term cell-based assays requires careful planning and long hours. We also understand the frustration and expense of assay failures. See how BioSpa 8 automates incubated assay workflows and gives you the cell-confidence to walk away.
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