Beckman Research Institute at City of Hope National Medical Center
A Convenient Jump Start for Anti-tumor Immunity
Featuring: Cytation 3
City of HopeIn the Department of Immuno-Oncology in the Beckman Research Institute at City of Hope National Medical Center, Dr. Marcin Kortylewski and his group incorporate a "flank" strategy in the fight against cancer. Instead of directly focusing on tumor cells, which can evolve over time, the researchers target well-defined immune cell functions. Dr. Kortylewski explains that the immune cell protein, STAT3 (signal transducer and activator of transcription, third member of the family), plays the role of master regulator for normal immune response.
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Automated Imaging and Analysis of a Novel Comet Assay to Enable High Throughput Genotoxicity Testing
Featuring: Cytation 5, Cytation 3, Gen5
Human contact to genotoxins is inevitable, as agents detrimental to our DNA are present in our environment, and also a result of our own cellular metabolism where they can contribute to cell death, gene mutations, and even cancer, disease and aging. At the same time, therapeutic approaches such as chemotherapy and radiation treatment rely on initiation of tumor cell genotoxicity to produce positive therapeutic outcomes. The ability to efficiently and precisely repair damaged DNA depends on the cellular DNA repair capacity. Therefore, quantifying DNA damage and accurately measuring the rate and extent of repair is critical in applications ranging from epidemiology, toxicology to drug development.


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Analysis of Cell Retention Following Rigorous Automated Cell Fixation and Staining
Featuring: Cytation 5
The use of microplates allows for increased throughput of cell based assays in combination with instrumentation to automate processes such as media exchanges, cell washing, fixation and reagent addition. By using a combination of fluorescent reporter proteins and dyes spanning the visible and near IR light spectrum multiparametric analysis can be accomplished on a single microplate well. Many procedures require a number of liquid handling steps including cell washing and reagent dispensing. Optimization of automated cell washing and dispensing parameters can reduce variability and insure retention of the desired cell density. Here we describe the use of automated image capture to visualize cell retention and monolayer integrity across the microplate well surface.
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Liquid Handling Control™ Software
LHCTo add convenience, flexibility and power to BioTek's microplate washers, dispensers and multi-mode liquid handling systems, more and more users are incorporating BioTek's Liquid Handling Control (LHC) Software into their workflows. LHC provides the intuitive StepWise™ interface for logical programming and linking of even the most complex liquid handling processes, which can then be downloaded and run through the instrument's touchscreen or keypad. Alternatively, LHC can completely computer control the instrument for all programming and operations. LHC Secure is designed to meet the needs of GxP laboratories, with 21 CFR Part 11 compliant features, like electronic signature, audit trails and multi-level user permissions. BioTek also offers a SiLA compliant driver for LHC to conform to the international standard for open connectivity within an increasing number of automation platforms. Learn more about how LHC can make your laboratory's liquid handling workflows more efficient, automated and controlled.
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Set Maintenance Reminders in LHC Software

To facilitate maintenance and keep a washer or dispenser in peak condition, use the convenient maintenance procedure reminders in LHC software. From the Tools menu, choose Reminders, then Add a customized Name and settings, including repeat occurrences if required. Reminders can be activated or deactivated at any time.

Need to track user or batch info per plate in Gen5?

Gen5Runtime promps can be set up under Protocol > Runtime Prompts. Enter the text or question, such as Lot Number or User ID, and then make the answer optional or required. When the plate is read, the runtime prompt pops up first and the values entered are retained for a report or export.

Do you have a changing variable for each plate run using the same Gen5 protocol? This could be a control concentration or anything else that changes per plate. You can set up a Runtime prompt as described above and create a variable name. The variable name must start with "!" for example !Conc or !Lot. Then, use this custom variable in your Custom Transformation under Data Reduction, for example "!Conc*10".

BioTek's Applications Group contributed significantly to the company's efforts at the recent SLAS conference. Twelve posters were presented during the exhibition covering diverse research areas such as 3D cell culture, neuroscience, RNAi screening, protein:protein interactions using BRET technology, and walk-away automation solutions for live cells assays, to name a few.

BioTek postersLinks to each poster presentation can be found here:

BioTek posters

The presentations led to a number of stimulating discussions, and increased awareness of the varied applications that can be enabled using BioTek's instrumentation. For more information regarding any individual presentation, email for technical assistance.

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Think Possible
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BioSpa 8 Automated Incubator
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We understand that running long-term cell-based assays requires careful planning and long hours. We also understand the frustration and expense of assay failures. See how BioSpa 8 automates incubated assay workflows and gives you the cell-confidence to walk away.

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